ourcarouselbox asked:

When my brother and I were about 11 and 12, we were in our room getting ready for bed when we both heard a voice of an old lady whisper to us, "hey, how are you doing?" We both screamed and ran out of the room. I heard this voice on more than one occasion, (my mom heard it too), I'd see white orbs, my toilet would flush on it's own, faucet turned on randomly at night, the smell of perfume would waft past us. I found out later on that an old lady died in our house before we moved in. Spooky.

I reread this like 4 times because that’s cool as heck! And also a bit terrifying. Thank you for the story. :)

Anonymous asked:

How do you deal with people not "liking" you? Because I'm in my sophomore year of college and I literally have no friends there. I only talk to this guy but he leaves me whenever he is someone he prefers to talk you (usually his crush at the time) anyways, I thought I would be okay with it but I'm feeling very lonely there because whenever I try to talk I get ignored or turned down. And being ignore at home and at school is really getting to me. Sorry for the long pointless message.

Good question! I think I’m qualified to answer this. I always feel like people don’t like me, although I’ve been told it’s distorted thinking, and I know how shitty it is. I’ve gotten to the point where if I have friends it’s awesome, but if I don’t that’s cool too. Loneliness will always creep in, but I try to remind myself that the most popular, outgoing people in the world get lonely too.
Now, friends. Try spending an extra hour a day in a public place, smile at strangers, ask the person next to you how they are, compliment people, ect… Try to radiate a positive energy, be charismatic and confident (even if you really aren’t). Good luck friend! I hope this helped a little. :)